What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, NLP is the study of successful thinking that creates the successful behavior. NLP is the teaching of how to use your own brain and mind.

NLP teaches how your mind/brain work and how language operates in the brain so that You can reshape inside of your mind by your verbal and nonverbal language. Change behaviors by changing the language.

The basic principle of Nlp is that no matter what a person can do, everyone, you can learn how to do same thing when you learn the way that person thinks, feels and behaves. It is all connected like mind and body connection.

We, Neuro-Linguistic-Programmonster as John La Valle says, want to model that behavior and our modelers are of subjective experience. The most important question to ask is :

What does she do inside her mind/head that I can learn to do ?

Then, when you look at what you want and what you have now, you ask:

What is missing?

The way you think about things makes you feel what you feel now and most importantly the way you feel makes you behave in a way you behave now.

It is simple and easy. From this point, if you want to create a change in your life for the rest of your life, what you need to do is to change the way you think, then the behavior will change by itself for the rest of your life.

Instead of giving you chocolate cake, Nlp teaches you what the ingredients are and how to use them, forward and Most importantly backwards if someone doesn’t like it. Therefore, you can make anything and everything with cake because you know the principles and how to work with ingredients.

The main difference between nlp and other motivational seminars that you go and feel motivated for a few months, then go back to where you were before, is that nlp teaches you HOW to learn the way you do things inside of your mind and HOW to change them. Other people will tell you what you need to do and not to do.

People use NLP for sales, medical condition (from ptsd, ocd to cancer), motivation, addictions, fear / phobia, relationship, and more…

You can Have your Personal Freedom, Control Your Emotions, Create Your Own Future

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